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A leader without character is as much a disaster waiting to happen, as much as a specialist doctor having a track record of stealing organs. One can find numerous cases in the recent past of leaders with great abilities and charisma, often succumbing to inner weaknesses or to temptations poised by the world around them. Most often, such leaders have been trained and brought up in a system that promoted only "to win at any cost" attitude in them. Hardly any effort was put for developing ethical, moral or spiritual values. The destructive result of such training has to be borne not just by them but by thousands who trust and follow them.

Vedic educational system on the other hand, emphasizes not just on competence building but more so on character building. It stresses on the development of the intelligence (the ability to discriminate between the right and the wrong, the beneficial and the harmful) and not just on the development of the intellect (the ability to recollect and manipulate information). Students trained under such a system are much more prepared to face the challenges in the later years of their lives than those who focus just on acquiring more and more technical information.

At Bhaktivedanta Model School (BMS), we are making a sincere effort to offer a blend of Vedic education with modern academics. Our curriculum has been designed in such a way that along with subjects such as Maths, Science and English, students also get to learn important values such as honesty, truthfulness, compassion and love towards all beings. And all this is done seamlessly through interactive, fun-filled sessions.

We believe that every child is unique, and with proper attention, can develop into a great asset. Teachers at BMS, thus, give individual attention to each child. This is why teacher-student ratio at BMS is kept as low as 1:8.

At BMS, we stand by our motto 'Character, Competence and Devotion' to ensure all round development of the children. A group of volunteers who strongly feel for the society and nation have come together to bring about a revolution in the field of education and do what education is supposed to do to bring out the best within. We would like to impart knowledge, skills and values in the formative years itself so that the children have necessary tools to march through the times when they enter society.

Having set a high vision, we know it is difficult to achieve it without your support. We are confident that if we come together to serve in this noble cause, we will be able to make a substantial difference to the world around us.

The hard work that we will put in today together will ensure a brighter and healthier future for our next generations.

Thank you.

Tulsi Das,
Director, BMS

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