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  BMS – Why it’s not Just Another School!  
  The newly started Bhaktivedanta Model School (BMS) which follows the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is not just ‘yet another school’. The school, started by a group of enthusiastic volunteers to cater to the academic and spiritual needs of the children of its growing congregation uses unique styles of teaching in an eco-friendly environment. Teachers at the school are specially trained in the use of indigenous play-materials, special teaching methodologies such as learning-by-doing and several other innovative academic aspects that will emphasise character training and moral conduct in society at large.

“People often ask us why we have started yet another school in Pune, which is already saturated with so many educational institutions,” said Tulsi Das, Director of BMS. “We started the school because there is a clear gap in the current education system. We need schools that provide all-round education needed for a child to flourish in all aspects of life.”

  Explaining the spiritual aspect of academic training that sets BMS apart from other schools, Hemangi-gopi Devi Dasi, Principal of BMS, explained, “The modern education system does not emphasise the spiritual side of personality development. In such places, the natural and in-born tendencies of children are crushed only to be replaced by a myriad of information that morally and spiritually degrades them. At the core of BMS is our emphasis on the spiritual, physical, social and emotional training that will nourish their natural intellectual, cognitive, inter-personal and aesthetic values to transform them into productive contributors to society at large.”

Parent of a student at the school, Vyasacharya Das explained why he sends his son to the school. He said, “As parents, we want the best for our children. We invest all our energies in raising our children as best as we can by protecting them from bad influences. Why then should we compromise on schooling? It is in schools that young children are most likely to be exposed to factors that create negative impressions in their tender minds which are set for life. At BMS, I believe that my son gets the best chance in his life to be protected from these negative influences and cultivate a positive way of life.”

BMS is set in an environment that creates a ‘home away from home’ with a low student-teacher ratio that enables teachers to know the individual needs of each child to develop their full potential in a comfortable and secure environment.

“The school provides educational tools tuned with spiritual techniques that will help every pupil in facing a future filled with confidence and creativity,” explained Radheshyam Das, President of ISKCON NVCC and spiritual inspirer behind the project. “The school encourages children to have a sense of belonging and purpose, and a positive self image that values God-given uniqueness. Ours is a school where all relationships are nurtured with love based on spiritual inter-connectedness with Lord Krishna in the centre. What differentiates BMS from other schools is our active Spiritual Input Team, that provides guidance on integrating spiritual learning with academic curricula.”
  The school recognises that children need to excel in academic learning in today’s competitive world. Spiritual learning is therefore combined with all-round excellence in different fields of academic learning to ensure that children live by the school’s motto: Character, Competence, Devotion.  
His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder Acharya of ISKCON once described how devotees of the Lord, who are experts in understanding the science of Krishna, should also be experts in performing their rightful duties in the material world. He said, “Daksha means expert. Whatever business is entrusted to him, he does it very nicely. Not that because he has become Krishna conscious, and vaishnava, he is unable to do anything of this material world. No. One who is Krishna conscious, he is conscious of everything and he knows how to deal with them. That is called daksha.”
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